Friday, June 27, 2014

I Have A Book!

I know that I haven't been paying much attention to this blog. I want to get back to it, but I'm not sure what I want to say here anymore.

The point of this entry, though, is to announce that I have a small book available now, titled Teagasca: The Instructions of Cormac Mac Airt. It is a new translation, based on the 1908 translation of Kuno Meyer, of Tecosca Cormaic "The Instructions of Cormac", an Irish manual for how best to live one's life, said to have been composed by the last pagan Irish High King (some versions of his legendary life say that he converted on his deathbed, but since Christianity was not present in Ireland at the time he is said to have lived, I place no credence in that appropriation of an Irish pagan hero to Christian purposes). I've annotated it extensively, discussing my understanding of the text and my reasons for choosing particular translations of the text over others. At the moment, it can be purchased in a pocket paperback edition, as well as an e-book edition. In either edition, it is not very expensive, so I hope that you find it interesting enough to shell out the couple of bucks necessary. Also, keep in mind that there is almost always a coupon available on the front page of the site, so look there and see if you can get some percentage discount by entering a coupon code.