Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Werewolf Resources

I'll go ahead and post this one today, since it is not really a full bit of content on its own.

Every Reconstructionist, or nearly so, has a list of books to recommend. I am no different, and have a number which I believe are of special value to those pursuing a lycanthropic spirituality. I do have a bias toward doing so in a Gaelic context, and that is reflected in my choices here. You'll also find a mixture of scholarly and practical books, including a few books focused on what some materialist fundamentalists call “woo”, in those cases where I think they are appropriate. What you won't find too many of are books which are solely about werewolves, divorced from cultural context. This is deliberate, as most such books avoid engaging with the werewolf's perspective. However, there are still one or two of those in there, because reports of werewolf activities can sometimes be found in them. I do not include any books or resources which I have not been able to examine myself. Another time, I will list articles of value.

Bartlett, Thomas and Keith Jeffery (eds) – A Military History of Ireland
Bernhardt-House, Phillip A. – Werewolves, Magical Hounds, and Dog-Headed Men in Celtic Literature
Bruce, Robert – Astral Dynamics
Clark, Rosalind – The Great Queens: Irish Goddesses from the Morrígan to Cathleen ní Houlihan
Davidson, H.R. Ellis – Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe
Enright, Michael – Lady With a Mead Cup
Evans-Wentz, W.Y. – The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries
Gershenson, Daniel – Apollo the Wolf-God
Ginzburg, Carlo – Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches' Sabbath
Ginzburg, Carlo – The Night Battles
Kelly, Fergus – A Guide to Early Irish Law
Kershaw, Kris – The One-eyed God: Odin and the (Indo-) Germanic Männerbünde
Kirk, Rev. Robert – The Secret Commonwealth
Kondratiev, Alexei – The Apple Branch
Laurie, Erynn Rowan – Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom
Lecouteux, Claude – The Return of the Dead
Lecouteux, Claude – Witches, Werewolves, and Fairies
Lincoln, Brunce – Death, War, and Sacrifice
Matthews, Caitlín – The Celtic Book of the Dead
McCone, Kim R. – Pagan Past and Christian Present in Early Irish Literature
Nagy, Joseph Falaky – Conversing With Angels and Ancients
Nagy, Joseph Falaky – The Wisdom of the Outlaw
Otten, Charlotte F. – A Lycanthropy Reader: Werewolves in Western Culture
Paxson, Diana L. – Trance-Portation
Stewart, R.J. – Robert Kirk: Walker Between the Worlds
Thompson, Christopher Scott – Highland Martial Culture
Tolstoy, Nikolai – The Quest for Merlin
Walsh, Brian – The Secret Commonwealth and the Fairy Belief Complex


  1. I'm flattered that you included my ogam book. Thank you.

  2. There's a lot of useful information there regarding the practice of reconstructionism in general, the specifics of ritual, some cosmological and anthroposophical matters, and so on. Since I'll be dealing largely with my own practices, as well, it helps to have some reference to what influences those.

  3. Also, I made a mistake. There is one book in the list I still have not been able to examine myself, which is the Kris Kershaw book (as an aside, the Bernhardt-House book I have only seen in manuscript, not the final published form). However, summaries given by others have convinced me that The One-eyed God is of value in this context.