Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Introduction to Lycanthropic Spirituality and This Blog

There's a lot that has been written regarding werewolves and spirituality, but most of it seems to be from the modern perspective of werewolves as Otherkin or similar wolf-in-man's-clothing concepts. While such ideas are perfectly fine, and a wonderful way to experience the spiritual aspects of the world, they are also not taken from the pagan, polytheist traditions of the ancient peoples from whom many of us derive our concepts of spiritual truths.

For myself, I am drawn to the cultural expressions of northern European pagan polytheism, and especially the Celtic, and more specifically the Gaelic expressions thereof. Early on, I became interested in the traditions of spirituality inherent in the stories of a cultural institution which was closely identified with pagan ways, and which was connected with Druids and other undesirables in the legal texts of the medieval Irish, the Fianna of Ireland. As a result, I began researching just what it was that might have underlay the stories of Fionn Mac Cumhaill and his merry band * of warriors in the wilderness. This blog intends to be a record of what I've discovered, along with whatever insights I feel like adding to the discussion. Enjoy, or don't. Feel free to comment, ask questions, make suggestions for future articles, or tell me you think I'm wrong. I'm not, but feel free to tell me that you think I am. ;)

Some of the assumptions I make include: the value of tradition as a guide to the uncertainties of the world, though not necessarily an inerrant one; the relative validity of Indo-European studies to the understanding of fragmented traditions; a polytheist/animist perspective; that humans are not separate from the world or otherwise particularly special; that consciousness is a fundamental aspect of reality, not an epiphenomenon; probably other things that I am not thinking of right now. I bring these up now so that you can be ready for them if and when they show up in posts, and so that you can decide now if you would prefer to spend your time reading something else.

I do not know yet what the schedule of new posts will be, but I am shooting for at least one article per week. I do know that the first few posts will probably be of general Celtic matters, or matters of meditation. The details of werewolfery will come soon enough, though.

*A phrase chosen quite deliberately, considering the relation that the Robin Hood stories seem to show to the Fiannaíocht, or stories of the Fianna.


  1. How exciting! I look forward to reading the material you uncover and your own shared experiences!

  2. Good to see you out here writing about this again.